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Perishable & Cold Chain Logistics

For producers of meat, seafood, fruit and vegetable, INTERMAX Logistics is ready to transport fresh products to any destination daily of various quantities. All products can be transported efficiently to the recipient, we assure they arrive fresh and in whole piece. We allow the producers to concentrate on what they do best and let InterMax to take care of the logistics.

               Exporters & Importers
INTERMAX Logistics offers all the facilities required to streamline the product flows between producer and consumer by taking responsibility of shipping, storage, quality control, handling and customs formalities. Hence, INTERMAX promise a fresh delivery for perishable products for both exporters and importers.
Time is vital to retailers, distributors and wholesalers. Flexibility and cost savings are very important. INTERMAX offers the exact logistics service for retailers. The efficiency and service we can do give supply the chain managers more options. Together with InterMax, retailers will have a bigger influence within the supply chain market.