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Dangerous Goods Logistics

We are the company specialized in logistics. The company, as individual proprietorship, is approved by the Business Administration Bureau and Transportation Administration Office of the government of P.R.China. Speedy Dragon aims to offer the full-range logistics service with high quality for clients. Her TPL service is targeted on the dangerous cargo transportation mainly covering Dalian, Qingdao, Wuxi, and Shanghai to all parts of China. The cargo of SOLAS DG classification 3, 6, 8 and 9 can be acceptable to transport by the company.
Service coverage:
CLASS 3: Flammable liquid
CLASS 6: Drug and infectious materials
CLASS 8: Corrosive materials
CLASS 9: Miscellaneous


Blend Service

In InterMax warehouses, we have 3 blending pots for blending purposes and Bulk liquified chemicals canning service.

InterMax warehouse is facilitated with 6 sets of automatic canning equipments, able to pump from horizontal tank or tank car to fill 50L, 200L and 1m3 cans.

Palleting Service
We provide pallet wrapping or taping for clients.
Carriage Sealing and Securing Service
Professional carriage securing service help to reduce crush or drop risk during transportation.
Sampling Service
Sample test as per client’s request.
Labeling Service
To provide labeling service for import/export goods.
Repackaging service
We can repackage when the original tank, can, carton is leaking or distorted.
Sorting Service
Sort, repackaging for clients
Door-to-Door Delivery
Deliver goods from door to door