When every minute counts, time critical logistics is the best choice for any emergency, and InterMax will be the most reliable partner. We can handle all the critical shipments in an expedited means across the world, providing the in-time tracking.

Time Critical Logistics for Temperature Control Pharmaceutical:

  • Transportable goods include: blood samples, DNA genes, muscle tissue sections and clinical medication requiring temperature control, etc.
  • Temperature range: 2-8 ° C, 0-10 ° C, 15-25 ° C, 18-30 ° C, 0-30 ° C, -20 to -80 ° C (dry ice), room temperature, etc. Solution can be provided for other temperature control pharmaceuticals.
  • We can assist in the approval of relevant licenses, customs clearance and other documents and provide the whole process temperature control.

Automotive parts, machinery, electronics

  • In order to prevent factory from lines stoppage situations or any downtime, and ensure the sustainability of the production chain, InterMax will always make sure the all the critical components and equipment are made on or ahead of the schedule to the assigned destination.

On Board Courier / Hand carry

  • Our well-trained employees will pick up the package, take the flight and deliver to the destination. The whole transport will be guarded safely and confidentially by our professional team with the knowledge of customs clearance and requirements, and will ensure the consignee receiving the cargoes intactly and timely.

Next Flight Out

  • In order to provide the quickest possible transit of urgent shipments throughout the world, our employees will pick up the shipment from specified location and deliver it to the airline with the most efficient, fastest route. Once the shipment arrives at its destination, another one of designated truck will pick up the shipment from the airport and deliver it to its final location, or the consignee can have it held at the airport for pickup.