With the advent of the era of cloud computing / mega data / AI, InterMax has leapt out of the traditional thinking field of freight forwarding software industry and developed automation robots in cooperation with high-tech enterprises, leading the digital transformation of the international logistics industry. By simulating the interaction between human and computer, we can quickly realize the interconnection between internal and external systems and heterogeneous systems, complete business process reengineering, and integrate the original OMS / WMS / TMS / FMS system to realize intelligent booking and automatic booking process.

We adopt ‘Control Tower’ to provide funtions to our clients including real-time online access, one click booking, query and tracking according to their needs, and can be fully integrated with the customer's own system. Through digital transformation, we have got through the information isolated island phenomenon of freight forwarder / warehousing / Transportation software, realized the automatic information transmission between various systems by using automatic robots, and automatically grasped the key field data. We have became the industry leader in the information technology field of international logistics industry.